Immersive Technologies Summer School 2019

Immersive Technologies Summer School 2019

Richard Smith August 08, 2019
Immersive Technologies Summer School 2019

Following the success of the first Summer School

The Immersive Technologies Summer School 2019, organised by the Oxford X-Reality Hub provided students and young researchers with the skills to employ immersive technologies in their own research. This intensive four-days course included a series of hands-on training and project work. It culminated in collaborative group projects, which designed and developed new virtual or augmented reality applications.

Twenty-one applicants participated in the 2019 Summer School. They hailed from 10 UK universities and 1 European institution for higher learning. In selecting participants, each applicant submitted a project proposal that leveraged immersive technologies. The five best ideas were selected and developed in the course of the school. These included the development of AR/VR apps on the topics of creating a pop-up museum and a second portal museum, recapturing a prehistoric cave and its original art, an atom inspector, and amputee bowling. The programme culminated with a public presentation of the apps developed.

We have created videos of all these projects, you can view them on our

youtube playlist.

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